It only seems like yesterday that we were talking about New Year’s Resolutions and yet, another year end approaches. Halloween decorations are down, the clocks are turned back. So, is it too early to talk about Christmas? At Hanley’s Furniture, we love everything about Christmas. And the main highlight of it all being, the Christmas dinner.

Christmas is a time for family. Plans are put in place for bringing the family together. Kids from all over Ireland are returning from far and wide. The house needs to look its best. The silver polished. The windows cleaned. And the Sleeping arrangements need to be made. Will they be bringing partners, husbands, wives and kids? Will we have enough beds, chairs and spuds to see them through? The pressure is on.

Christmas Dinner

If you are thinking about a new dining room table, keep Christmas dinner in mind. Extra mouths to feed will need extra plates. The more guests you have the more seats required. An ideal solution is an extending dining table which allow a few extra bodies to be squeezed in for the special occasion.

If entertainment all year round is more your style, the Eclisse extendable dining table is ideal for accommodating 8 guests comfortably.

Seating Arrangements

Does your Christmas day consist of mismatched chairs, stools and garden furniture around the dinner table. Aunts, Uncles, nieces and nephews scrambled for the good dining chairs while the little ones were elbowed aside. We have seating a plenty and styles to suit every taste and budget. Hanley’s dining sets come in a range of colours and will complement any table setting. Beautiful items of furniture that come with the Hanley’s guarantee of quality and impeccable design.

The Afters

So the dinner is over. The telly goes on and the sweets come out. Time to sit back and relax in your favourite armchair. Hanley’s stock a range of sofas that are affordable luxury and cannot be beaten for comfort. Careful though, you don’t want to snooze through Shrek II. Couches and chairs fit for a king, and yet like all Hanley’s Furniture items, affordable and long lasting.

The Kids

Christmas takes on more magic when there are kids in the home. The little ones will want to play with their presents, if Grandad will ever let them off his knee. Extendable tables come in to their own at Christmas. Spread out the lego or get the board games out. Plenty of room at the Christmas table.

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