Well Being Bamboo Mattress


The Natural Bamboo 1500 Memory Foam Mattress is one of the most luxurious comfortable and supportive mattresses in their range. This superb medium tension mattress is exemplary in comfort, build quality and style and is incredible value for the sleeping experience it provides. It incorporates 1500 pocket springs.These springs move individually to mould to your body, this helps ease pressure and postural support. Standard pocket springs are alternated with shorter ones, as the sleeper’s weight presses down the shorter springs contract and the volume of air increases making for a luxurious, flexible feel balanced somewhere very comfy between soft and supportive.

Pocket spring count of 1,500
Bamboo yarn cover
Memory foam
Knitted fabric top
Side stitch effect damask border
No turn – rotate regularly

Eco-friendly soft bamboo yarn is absorbent to keep the sleeper cool and dry. Good for the circulation with its negative ions, bamboo yarn is resistant to pests, fungi and bacteria – the trigger for many allergies

*Online Exclusive only.

Delivery time: Approx 4-6 weeks

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